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Shakyamuni Buddha

Mongolia - Gilt copper with painted details - height 23,8 - l. 16 - d. 11,7 cm - Late 17th-early 18th century

Rare gilt bronze figure of Buddha Śākyamuni. 

Zanabazar school,(1635-1723) late 17th/early 18th, Kangxi Period (1662-1772.)

Finely worked, he sits in the dhyanasana position on a Lotus grew up in double base with your right hand in bhumisparsamudra, he wears a Sanghati well adorned and the edge finely engraved with floral themes, the base is sealed and richly gilt, to show his placements in an important monastery, presumably Ulambador. 



Nagel Auction  
5 Novembre 2010 pagina 24 Lotto N° 1046


Collection of  Dr. Emil Hultmark 1930

member of the small and exclusive group “Kina Klubben”

Stockholm ( Swedish)


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