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A massive gilt copper figure of White Mahakala

Nepal - gilded copper - 63 x 30 cm - 18th century

Big repoussé sculpture depicting an irate White Mahakala in the six armed manifestation (Shadbhuja), standing in the samapafa position on a single lotus flower base.

The figure is covered by a jeweled dothi, and each of the six hands originally held an attribute: a kapala in the main two, and a jewel (mani), a kartica, a dhvaja banner, a parasu axe and a khatvanga club in the others. Only the jewel is still in position.

Some coeval stones, among which emeralds and rubies, are present on the feet, the wrists and the earrings.

The face, irate, is covered with original pigments and shows traces of a beard, a big third eye, flames coming out from the mouth and flaming hair with a central emerald root diadem.

The ankles, wrists and the jewels present colored glass and precious stones, among which ruby root and corals, likely coeval. Hands and feet are cast.



Collection south France
Acquired before 1970

Kg. 7 

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