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Tibet - Ink and opaque watercolors on cloth - 96 x 62 cm - 16 th century

Noteworthy painting on canvas depicting the historical Buddha Sakyamuni, performing the dharmacakrapravartanamudra, symbolizing the turning of the wheel of the Dharma, a gesture usually associated with the transcendent Buddha Vairochana.

The figure is sitting in the padmasana position on a lotus flower with open petals, which in turn rests on the finely decorated basis of a throne with a wide backrest, decorated with lacework and animals, typical of the pictorial style of the most archaic of thangkas.

Surrounding the main character are twenty-two secondary characters, devotional offerings and some figures in prayer at the base of the throne. Despite the wear of the fabric, the high pictorial quality of the work is clear.

Activation inscription on the reverse.

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