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Tibet - Ink and opaque watercolors on cloth - 67 x 51 cm - 18th century

Important painting on cotton natural pigments depicting the maestro Padmasmbhava (Guru Rimpoche), the one who introduced the Buddhism in Tibet.

Portrait centrally in its main historical and aspect, is abbigliato with sumptuous clothes monacali gold trimmed and carries in his left hand, nestling in the womb, a Kapala, and in his right hand a Vajra.

Resting at a shoulder is present the magic wand khatvanga, that distinguishes him as holder of the magical powers.

Also shows great earrings and a headgear of Foggia exclusive.

Seated position padmasana on a base decorated with rose petals is surrounded by a halo rainbow and buds and leaves of the peony, which envelop at its sides his two wives in prayerful position: Mandarava left and Yeshe Tsogyal right.

Around the teacher, in a rare composition, are portrayed, inserted in a setting arborea and bucolic, reports and scenes of his life with the descriptions below written in gold and all its eight additional forms. From'High counterclockwise are portraits: Orgyan Dorj Chang at the apex, Nyima Oser, Pema Gyalpo, Sengge Dradog (a variant thereof wrathful) PEMA Jungne, Dorje Drolo (astride a Tiger), Chogse Loden and Shakya Sengge. It should be noted on the back of the important activation.

There are, in addition to a mantra written in black paint, the impressions of the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet of the master who has performed.


Private Collection Turin


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