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Tibet - Silver and gilt copper - height 38 cm (lid to foot) - Total height 55 cm - 19th century

 The gilded feet are designed into single lotus flower with elongated petals facing downwards.

The hammered silver bodie of the censer shaped like globe remain unadorned, which contrasts and complements the rich decorative elements on their handles, necks and lids.

The silversmith's skills have been fully utilised in the sophisticated ornamentation of the censer. Three dragons, which serve as the handles, squat on the sides of the globe with faces turned outwards.

They have makara snouts, blazing manes and large flaming tails studded with rich floral designs, conch shells and other auspicius emblems.

 Kg. 4,750

Reference :

For a similar  Incense-burne. Spink Catalogue " Body, Speech and Mind " 

2nd December to 15th December 1998

Pag. 84/85 Lot. 44

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